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We are recognised experts in the treatment of addictions


There is something incredibly powerful and special about Imani. - Phillipa R

Due to the team’s dedication and support I am now clean for two years this month. - Frank

We restore the future of those suffering from an addiction

About Cape Secondary Care

Cape Secondary Care provides tailored and intensive programmes to support clients in their immediate and long term recovery from all addictions. Our twelve step recovery model focuses on the whole person – it is about having a real chance at developing a stable home, authentic relationships, independence, financial security and good emotional and physical health.

We take an innovative evidence-based approach to mental health recovery and consistently challenge ourselves to achieve better results for our clients, their families and communities.

Combined with the care and support from our experienced and well trained team, our clients can achieve positive long term recovery outcomes.

Recovery is a journey, not a destination.

Everyone’s recovery journey will be different, reflecting their uniqueness as individuals. Our role is to walk besides people on their journey, supporting and motivating them to achieve their full potential.

Success stories

When I found myself at Imani's front door, bag in hand, I was broken and truly desperate for help.

I've always had reservations with the business of recovery in Cape Town. It's hard to trust that anyone has your best interests at heart what with the high turnaround of clients in the numerous treatment facilities in and around the city. When I found myself at Imani's front door, bag in hand, I was broken and truly desperate for help. I was met with love, compassion and understanding. Reassured that life was going to get better if I was prepared to put in a little effort. I found structure here, a sense of belonging and access to a wealth of information and experience. Imani fast became my home, the first I'd had in years, and my time there was nothing if not life changing.

David C - Addict


Clinically Integrated, Individualised Care

The goal of treatment at Cape Secondary Care is lifelong recovery for each of our clients. Our abstinence-based approach incorporates integrated clinical disciplines with individualized planning and care.

Our interdisciplinary care team consists of addiction counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists, physicians, family specialists, nutritionists, and wellness specialists who collaborate in developing and administering individually tailored treatment plans. For many CSC clients, addiction treatment also involves clinical care for co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety disorders.

Residential Treatment

CSC’s nurturing and respectful environment provides the optimal setting for clients and families to focus on making physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes that build lifelong recovery.

Our model of care is defined by individualized treatment planning, clinical integration, respect for the dignity of each client, and open, comfortable surroundings.

The Client’s Treatment Plan

Addiction treatment at CSC begins with a comprehensive, individualized plan developed by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians who meet regularly to review and modify each client’s plan as needed.

The client’s treatment plan is influenced by a variety of factors. Recommended levels and types of care are based on the addictive substance, family history, existence of co-occurring illnesses, gender, physical health, stability of home and work environments, and many other variables.

Tailoring treatment in this way ensures each client the most effective approaches and the best opportunity for recovery.

Addiction counselling

CSC clients learn about their disease and the process of recovery through individual counselling and group sessions facilitated by an addictions counsellor or psychologist. The addiction counsellor guides each client through the treatment experience, and may deal with specific issues such as anger, assertiveness, disordered eating, gender, grief, trauma, gambling, sexual compulsivity, and other potential obstacles to lifelong recovery are also addressed.

Key elements of our holistic programme include:

  • Schema therapy based addiction interventions
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Individual counseling
  • Step work and focus groups
  • Role play and psychodynamic groups
  • Life skills groups
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (adapted for addicted populations)
  • Spirituality including meditation and mindfulness
  • Basic nutritional guidance and addiction specific supplements to aid in physiological healing
  • Attendance of 12 Step Fellowship Meetings
  • Creative Expression
  • Volunteer work
  • Relapse Prevention Groups and Discharge Planning
  • Structured telephonic and email aftercare programme for those who are not based in Cape Town.

The daily experience at Cape Secondary Care

Daily treatment activities are carefully planned to help the client understand what it means, and what it takes to get recovery from addiction. The client’s daily schedule is structured to include intensive therapy and education while still having time for personal reflection and relaxation.

Various activities are encouraged that take advantage of Cape Town’s natural and bountiful resources. Our clients not only gain a new appreciation of life, but increase their confidence and their belief in their abilities to live a life free from addictions and co-occurring disorders.


As specialist providers of addiction treatment we offer extended care for our clients and those who have completed secondary care.

Once completing a secondary programme clients have the choice of their core treatment team remaining constant as they graduate from residential secondary treatment and transition into our Tertiary Treatment programme and Satellite programme.

Due to factors such as co-occurring disorder, level of self-confidence and duration of addiction some of our clients require long term treatment to ensure freedom from their addiction.

Key elements of our extended care programme include:

  • Therapeutic Groups
  • Individual counseling
  • Aftercare programme
  • Relapse prevention
  • Support within a community
  • The experience of living a recovery life style in a supportive community.

Dual Disorders

Clients diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder learn how alcohol and other drug use can complicate mental health problems.

Individual psychological therapy is goal-directed, with the client focusing on attitude change and skill development to reduce emotional stress and strengthen social, interpersonal, and vocational skills. Topic-focused group psychological therapy provides opportunities to share information, insights, and emotional support with other clients. Medication management, when needed, is handled on-site by our registered psychiatric nurse.

Family Programme

Healing for the whole family

Families feel the pain of addiction, too. The Family Programme at CSC is designed to promote the well-being of those who live with or care about a person with addiction.

Through CSC’s family programme, participants learn they can’t control their loved one’s addiction, but they can take responsibility for their own health and happiness.

The stress of living with addiction can have physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual consequences. Families of alcoholics and addicts often feel confused, frustrated, angry, and helpless. Our family programme helps to alleviate confusion and anxiety and promote healing by identifying how addiction affects families and what family members can do to take care of themselves.

A new understanding

The Family Programme teaches and promotes healthy ways of responding to addiction-related issues. Through our Family programme, the clients and family members receive education, guidance, and support to achieve a healthier way of life.

Loved ones of those with addiction learn that they can’t control addiction, they didn’t cause addiction, and they can’t cure addiction. By becoming aware of the beliefs and experiences that shape their own behaviours, participants identify new, healthy ways of coping with addiction and relationships.


Referring health professionals are kept involved and informed of their client’s progress on a weekly basis throughout their treatment process. Each client’s discharge plan includes a follow up appointment with their referrer.

Clients must be 18 years and older, and must have completed primary care addiction treatment.


A message from the clinical director

As a specialist eating disorder facility, we have long sought to bring the same level of psychological expertise and compassion into the treatment of clients with other substance addictions and compulsive behaviours.

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of Cape Secondary Care - a separate and independent subsidiary in the Imani family. In 2013 through Cape Secondary Care we will be providing the same exceptional standard of service and care to the treatment and recovery process of all addictions. Our team will be compromised of addiction professionals who will bring their vast expertise and experience to provide Cape Town's only truly holistic secondary care treatment dealing with the physical, emotional, mental and social/cultural/familial and financial/infrastructure requirements of an individual's recovery.

Addiction is all encompassing, and for recovery to be a sustainable, joyous and freeing experience it must be infused into all areas of ones life.



I was moved from a secondary care facility to Imani which changed my life. Due to the team’s dedication and support I am now clean for two years this month. The love and care from the team I shall never forget. Together the Imani team truly are remarkable and without them I wouldn’t have my life back. I am very grateful for all that they have done for me.

Heroin 23


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Contrary to common misconceptions, eating disorders are more than a reaction to societal pressures on women to conform to a fashionable waistline. These pervasive conditions are, in fact, emotional, physical and even spiritual maladies that leave the individual feeling empty, alone and desolate in all aspects of life.

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